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“Excellence is the Result of Caring more than others think is Wise, Risking more than others think is Safe, Dreaming more than others think is Practical, and Expecting more than others think is Possible.”“
                     Ronnie Oldham 

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Dermott Reilly, with work colleagues in Ethiopia, is founder of NanoLandGlobal and  adviser / director of EcoBioLand. He is subject matter expert in commercial nanotechnology helping countries like Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa solve major issues. He can be contacted via
It's never easy to change  established processes, change habits, adopt new methods or risk new thought processes. Our default is set to NO often unconsciously!

But the benefits of new technology and change can be remarkable.

Imagine if we could eradicate food wastage by just saying Yes to new ideas.

Imagine if we could feed the world by using the abundance of protein already in Nature?

By connecting with new ideas and cultures, stepping over legacy mindsets we can leverage new areas of research, new concepts around bio and emerging technology and focus this knowledge direct to businesses and organisation for maximun effect and value today.  Why wait? 
Every business must adapt to survive and thrive. From property managers to growers, manufacturers to hospital administrators, legal entities to city institutions, small brands to big brands.  Everyone can do much more  to raise the sustainability bar and drive the national efficiency agenda. Schools, colleges and universities can all up their game too, to demonstrate the practical benefits of going green whilst saving revenue by enabling more efficiency.  There seems a bias toward s

The problems in Society must be addressed. The good news is that advanced technology has many solutions around energy, pollution, water, food, transport, health,  etc  if only we are prepared to seek out and secure new technologies, new ideas and new knowledge. 

What's new for Cities?
For property owners and estate management there has never been a better time to innovate, to cut electricity costs and introduce environmental strategies.  The combination of smart sensors, Internet of Things and surface coatings with additional
functionality combine to reduce  property operational  costs using  less aggressive chemicals. Air filters can enhance and clean air rather than distributing bacteria and viruses. New paint can help  reduce commercial aircraft noise in buildings.
Fuel emissions can be reduced by at least 7% using established technology. We can use natural light for cleaning both internally and externally. Indeed all road markings can be illuminated at night by simply reflecting daylight. Pest control management can be delivered more humanely, using advanced eco-repellents for rodents, birds, insects etc that do not destroy life. The convergence of technology is starting to demonstrate the remarkable economies of scale that economists of two decades ago believed impossible. Are you up for it?

​Technologies that Inspire
        Salt-Free Foods
         Outsourced ideas
             Phone anti-radiation patch
               Employee Safety at Work
As companies and corporations start to lead the cleantech revolution, using clean energy and food-safe clean chemicals we envisage a healthier future for all, reduced cancer levels in society and a planet better able to support population growth and citizen health.
How can we help you?
We help companies to better exploit technology, specifically non-digital, eco-friendly technologies. That is not to say we are against the massive potential of RFID, Data Analytics and digitalization generally. Indeed, we love this stuff.  However we also wish to bring focus and attention to the practical applications of bionanotechnologies with their massive green and positive environmental potential, their productivity, innovatory, creative and problem solving possibilities  for each and every business, City and Country. At a time when Climate Change forces us to address specifics, we have a tool-box of ready to go solutions. 
Technology is an important strategic asset for many firms, and there is an increasing need to include new technological considerations in strategy and planning processes. However, new technology can be extremely slow to enter the market-place. The homely bar-code took 50 years before their value was recognised! We enable companies to introduce friendly workshops to introduce new technologies and methodologies (non ICT’s) that can transform companies, cutting costs, enhancing innovation and adding compelling value to brand

We become your in-house technology partner.
Learn how to use natural solutions to: 

  •  dramatically enhance innovation capacity
  • enable “clean label” status for all food  / pharma supply chains
  • remove toxic cleaning chemicals from offices and buildings
  • discover how specific problems can be solves, pollution, waste, etc
  • turbo charge innovation, creativity and competitive value
  • discover across-the-enterprise efficiency ideas
  • introduce methodologies to reduce employee flu and sickness
  • solve complex problems via our large specialist advisory network
  • be comfortable at the cutting edge of new technology

How we add value
Technology partners are designed to assist senior management and stakeholders who wish to enhance business and process efficiency, employee health and drive innovation and creative capacity. 
We become part of your team, enhancing products & processes via latest new technology. Costs are reasonable and a fraction of the financial benefits that can accrue from our support. 
More details on request. +353 879 010 419

Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes, from self cleaning glass to sterlisation with cold water. How can we add magic to your ideas?
Our surface coating application instructors have many years of specialist training and are available 
for train-the-trainer sessions and workshops. As companies and corporations  start to lead the cleantech movement, to eradicate the use of dangerous hygiene products, to enhance working conditions for employees, to enhance air quality and deploy clean energy plus clean chemicals in hospitals, schools offices and homes, we are delighted to have teams in 31 countries ready to deploy and help deliver a clean future environment for everyone.
Are you up for cleantech?