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The amazing power of photocatalytic disinfection coatings using the power of light as in photosynthesis to keep surfaces sterile and virus-free for months!


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We provide the most effective virus disinfectant currently available in the market.


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IngeniaTouch is made up of a high performance, future-oriented team of scientists.


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Our network of scientists has worked across a wide range of healthcare institutions

Helping To Create A Nature Positive Economy

Our world is in turmoil. We are amid a global pandemic. Societies are divided by polarized politics. Climate Change is creating environmental issues of alarming severity, including biodiversity loss and anti-microbial resistance. People are questioning the sustainability of continuous economic growth and rising poverty levels. Consumers are anxious about how their future lifestyles might change. There is a demand for climate action and change now.


The time has come for major transformation for businesses. Companies and organizations need to become the responsible brands, the beacons of light, the agents of positive change expected by consumers everywhere. Brands must become living examples of sustainable action, a process that begins by adapting to eco-friendly technologies within their own operations and supply chains.


Over the next few months, we at IngeniaTouch Ltd, a business incorporated in Ireland, but with partners around the world, will introduce new bio and nanotechnologies that enable companies large and small to adapt more sustainable strategies and tools to save energy, drive clean-label supply chains, reduce the usage of toxic chemicals, enhance productivity and safety, especially for food professionals, manufacturers, facility managers and all organisations regardless of location.

A brief roadmap with a free online induction course is available. Are you ready to join us, to survive, evolve and become part of the global solution to reduce systemic risk and align your brand equity to that of a nature conducive economy? In doing so you may open the door to your company’s biggest commercial opportunity thus far.


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Market Leader In Powerful Clean Label Technologies To Address Climate Change

As Society starts to live and operate post-Covid, we need to consider the use of clean-label technologies to keep surfaces bacteria-static and clean; to reduce the risk of infection and also the rise of superbugs that, as a corollary, become immune to chlorine and related cleaning chemicals ( and antibiotics) over time.


Let’s make our environments ( air & surfaces) hostile places for Covid and affiliated pathogens using safe technology. Let’s make our supply chains ambassadors for “clean-label” and Sustainability.


HygieniaTouch is the brand name for a range of unique technologies which will better protect properties against bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.


Designed for COVID-19 compliance to reduce cross-infection risk at home, school or work, these advanced technologies incorporate innovations in bio and nanotechnology, using where possible safe UV light waves ( 222nm), steam and advanced “field-effect” forces in nature to create healthy and safe environment. We wish to reduce biocides and the use of toxic chemicals in society by leveraging the power of natural water to become a better solvent.


With our multidisciplinary team, we can help.

We all have a duty to follow the lead of Sir David Attenborough in his quest to save our planet. Sustainability and climate change are intrinsic. Let’s all do our bit to help drive sustainable goals which in aggregate make a real difference.


Brands that adopt “clean-label” products and strategies will be in alignment to future consumer mindsets.


Why Choose AIRSANA?

1. International Patent

The result of 20 years of experience in the maintenance of air conditioning systems and more than 20,000 interventions carried out


2. Twin Action

180 °C Degrees of steam deliver a thermal shock that eliminates pathogens in seconds
the injected steam is immediately sucked up together with the residues, without producing infected aerosols, typical of operations with water or steam lances


3. Zero Solvents

No solvents or chemical foams: only the power of steam under pressure, respecting your health and the environment.

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