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The Most Effective Virus Disinfectant On The Market

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The amazing power of photocatalytic disinfection coatings using the power of light as in photosynthesis to keep surfaces sterile and virus-free for months!


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We provide the most effective virus disinfectant currently available in the market.


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Market Leader In Powerful Photocatalytic Coatings

As Society starts to live and operate post-Covid, we need to consider the use of clean-label technologies to keep surfaces bacteria-static and clean; to reduce the risk of infection and also the rise of superbugs that, as a corollary, become immune to chlorine and related cleaning chemicals ( and antibiotics) over time.


Let’s make our environments ( air & surfaces) hostile places for Covid and affiliated pathogens using safe technology. Let’s make our supply chains ambassadors for clean-label.


HygieniaTouch is the brand name for a range of unique microbiota barrier coatings which will protect all non-absorbent surfaces for six months against bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.


Designed for COVID-19 compliance to reduce cross-infection risk at home, school or work, the technology incorporates two innovations in bio and nanotechnology to create an eco-friendly, clean-label, food-safe mechanical/chemical surface barrier. This barrier will prevent bacteria, pathogens and viral spores adhering or colonising on touchpoints such as door handles, seats, tables, stair-rails, elevator keypads, mobile phones, touchscreens and so on. Our HygieniaTouch coatings come ready to use in 500ml plastic bottles with trigger spray caps. Each bottle will seal and protect up to 50sqm and carries a manufacturer’s guarantee of six months, subject to reasonable abrasion. This range of products is engineered by Canadian, UK and German scientists and includes a wide range of certification including EN13624 & EN13727-1.


Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes, from self-cleaning glass, lightbulbs that kill bacteria and viruses to product sterilisation with cold water. How can we add clean-label hygiene and covid protection coatings in your sector? How does moisture, relative humidity, temperature, etc impact enveloped viral infectivity in the work environment?


With our multidisciplinary team, we can help.


The Power Of Photocatalytic Coatings

– Deploy a microbiota barrier technology to clean and protect surfaces long-term using photocatalytic super oxidation

– One-month protection for internal surfaces, three-months external

– Certified and tested in over 80 countries

– Tested EN 14476 & ASTM E1053 for Virucidal Activity

– Tested as to EN 13727 & EN 13697 for Bactericidal Activity

– Inexpensive:  Deploy with tap water only (10g makes 1 litre, protect up to 100sqm)

– Safe, clean-label technology, enabling all stakeholders to benefit long-term

– One product for both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces

– Legacy of success confirming the future of hygiene and safe chemistry

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